Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bright Spirits

It's been a crazy few weeks around here!  Besides the long holiday weekend last week, the store I work at moved (so much STUFF, and it just keeps appearing!!!!), I've been refinishing some furniture for a much overdue refresh in my dining room, and the birthday season has gotten in full swing around here.  A couple dozen cards down, only a few dozen more to go over the next few weeks!

And then it's time for holiday cards!

I actually made this card specifically so I could stitch on it.  I really wanted to try a stitched border with the copper thread, so that was the starting point for the rest of the card.

I'm loving the copper from both the Annual and Holiday Catalogs!  It's so pretty and so much warmer than gold (not that I would ever give up my gold!).

Thanks for stopping by!

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