Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Spreading Cheer | Gift Idea

I have a confession to make, that I probably shouldn't admit - least of all online where my husband might find it.

My name is Sara, and I'm a paper hoarder.

I'm trying to be better at it - REALLY I am!  The problem is that there are just so many pretty patterns, and I have a hard time cutting into some of the gorgeousness.

But I'm working on it, which is the point of today's post.  I have a scads of Christmas paper.  More than I'll use in a lifetime of Christmases - particularly since I keep buying more.  So I'm determined to use up some old stuff.  And for a good cause.

I've been working on stacks of simple Christmas Cards to use up my piles of papers.  I'll make up to a dozen of the same style (depending on how much of each type of paper I have.  And I created this cute bag to store four cards (with their envelope) each.

My plan is to add postage to the envelopes, and take these to a local nursing home around Thanksgiving.  The staff can then pass them out to residents to use to send a card this holiday season.  They would also be great to use as neighbor gifts - just be sure to gift them early enough that people can send them out.  And this can also be adapted for other times of year - perhaps a batch of birthday cards, or a set of valentines?

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  1. What a wonderful project and a nice way to use up all of that paper. (I'm a fellow paper hoarder. If I use it, I won't have it. Right?) The idea of decorating the bag and using it for four cards is brilliant! I also like the idea of adding postage and taking them to the nursing home. What a blessing that would be to them! Thank you so much for sharing. --Dee Hunt


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