Friday, July 22, 2016

CASEd Originality

I recently came across an idea, that I thought was so intriguing that I had to share it.  It was how to come up with an original idea, when you aren't inspired to create something original.  Basically, you're going to play telephone, but instead of whispering something in someone else's ear, you are going to CASE a card, then CASE it again - over and over (for those who don't know, CASE is "Copy and Steal Everything - essentially using someone else's card as the idea for your project).  

The great part about this idea, is that you can take it as many "steps" as you'd like.  Today, I'm demonstrating a 3-step process, but, if you need to take baby steps from one card to the next, you can go 5 or even 10 steps, if that's what it takes. 

The card that I posted on Tuesday, is my first step.  That card was inspired by numerous other cards that I had been seeing with rainbow elements.  From that card, I took a baby step to my second card:

I kept the layout exactly the same, and heat embossed the sentiment just as I had on the first card.  Because I was limiting the colors of the flower to just two, I felt the background needed a bit more interest, so I blended some ink up from the bottom of my card base.

I took a much larger step, from my second to my third card:

For this card, I kept the color pallet from the second card, as well as continuing to use heat embossing and the flower stamps/punches.  But I created a cluster on my card, rather than spreading the flowers across the whole front of the card.

As I said before, I only followed this concept through three steps - you can go much further if you are taking baby steps between each card.  However, I would not have made the leap from the design of the first card, to the design of the third card, without that step in between.  So the next time you are lacking inspiration, or feel that you are struggling to come up with an "original" design, try this technique!

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