Monday, October 23, 2017

Peaceful Snowfall

When I sat down to make today's card, I thought it would be really simple and easy to do.  Yeah, I forgot that I'm not a fan of fiddly little pieces.  But, guess what?  Not liking the fiddly pieces meant that I was able to quickly figure out a way to put the inset pieces in, without having to mess with each individual piece.  

So, here's today's tip: When you are doing inset pieces,  Cut your diecut pieces, and pull the diecut from the die carefully - trying to remove it in one "solid" piece.  Add the largest pieces to your background first - the Cool Pool in this card.   Add the adhesive to the background for ALL of the small little spaces.  In this case, I laid the snowflakes cut from the Blue Lagoon over the top of the Cool Pool snowflakes, then I used my Bloom Tool to push the smaller pieces of the Blue Lagoon into the spaces of the Cool Pool piece.   Then pull up the top die cut to reveal your inset cut.  

Remember,  When I post Cards for inspiration, I link the supply used at the bottom of my post.  You can click through on each thumbnail to go straight to the Fun Stampers Journey store to purchase everything you need to complete the same card.  I would love to have you as a customer!   

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  1. I love love love this Sara! The Vellum sentiment is the perfect little detail!


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