Monday, October 8, 2018


Change can be difficult.  But, it can also be exciting, and necessary.  There are some changes coming to FSJ and the sales model that has existed.  Rather than being a direct sales company, FSJ is moving to a hybrid retail sales model.

This is the message from the FSJ website: 
"Dear All, 
On Thursday September 27th, I announced that Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ) will be changing from a Direct Sales model to a Hybrid Retail model effective 11/1/2018. 
Through this transition, nothing at FSJ will change. 
- We will continue to be focused on providing the best products, the highest level of creativity, and the best community anywhere. 
- We will continue to sell product through our Coach’s web-sites. - We will continue to give you creative inspiration to guide and inspire you. 
- And we will continue to focus on driving community with our Facebook Groups, Facebook Lives, streaming events, etc. 
And after the transition, we will continue to stay focused on delivering all of the above with some slight modifications, as well as delivering additional benefits. One new benefit is that FSJ will team up with Spellbinders to offer an even bigger product assortment and even more creative opportunities. I look forward to sharing more with you! 
Greg Tipsord 
CEO Fun Stampers Journey"
Find the message here, under "Important Message from the CEO".

What does this mean to you?  In all honesty, not much.  Customers actually will gain a lot!  As of November 1st, you will see a change in the website when you go to purchase.  You will have access to not only FSJ products through that site, but Spellbinders products as well.  The catalog is still good through June 2019, as would be the case otherwise.  And, the best part?  For those who live internationally - you will be able to purchase FSJ products once the transition is made!  I've had many messages asking about this, so I was ecstatic to find out it would now be available.     

You will also see a bit of a transition here on the blog as the changes take effect.  The new model means that I will be incorporating new products into my creations.  I will continue to use FSJ products - because I do love them.  But I will be incorporating Spellbinders, and other brands into my crafting as well.  I will still link the products I've used, using affiliate links, which will allow me to continue this blog, and continue creating. 

I already have a few Spellbinders items that I had from my previous crafting, and I'm drooling a bit of the Glimmer Hot Foil System - my inner magpie is super excited about hot foiling again.  And did you see the truck die they have for the large die of the month?  It's so cute!  If you would like to check out all of what Spellbinders carries, you can click the banner below.  

The Fun Stampers Journey site is up, with no changes, throughout October.  This month the clear blocks are on sale.  These blocks are awesome.  They have a great weight to them, a curved edge which is super easy to grip, and the grid lines are etched in - they aren't going anywhere! I happen to love the case for the blocks, because it makes it super easy for me to see what blocks are "out" and keeps them protected when they're not in use.

Thanks for stopping by!

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