Friday, April 13, 2018

Breakfast in a Cup

I absolutely adore simple and cute gift ideas, and this little "Breakfast in a Cup" idea - from FSJ Creative Director, Kim Kesti, and Brittany Young, The Certified Celebrator - certainly fits that category.

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I wanted to say thank you to those that have sent me emails, and sweet messages about my eventful week (I'd been sharing bits of the adventure on my Instagram stories, and it was mentioned in this week's Assembled video, that Becky had to do solo)!  I had to go the emergency room Sunday night due to an issue that caused my heart to spend all day Sunday beating way too fast.  It took a couple of days in the hospital to get my meds on track to regulate my heart rate.  And it will likely be a few months of follow up to see what we will be doing long term for this issue.  I've had heart issues since birth, but this was a new quirk that took me by surprise.  I'm very hopeful that we are on the right track for treating this issue.  I so appreciate the concern, and caring that has been expressed.  
Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,                                                                             


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