Friday, March 30, 2018

Leadership Conference Display

For a final post in the Leadership Display series I have been showing, I thought it would be fun to show you the full display as it was shown at Leadership Conference.

The Designers Showcase team each created project for a board that was displayed on these large easels.

I created a total of 19 projects (20 if you count the card in the pocket of the stuffed birthday envelope!).  These projects were so fun to make!  It's interesting to play with some things that might not be your first instinct to purchase.  Sometimes those turn out to be the products that I love the most!

Thanks for joining me on Fridays for this series.  A NEW catalog starts on Sunday!  Can you believe it's already time for the Spring into Summer catalog?  You have until tomorrow night to order from the Bloom This Way catalog - so get those last minute orders in!  

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The April Edition of Coach Collective is nearly here!  Are you ready for the sneak peek?

You can get this tutorial collection in a few ways:

  • The first option is to use the Paypal Button below to preorder the PDF collection for $15, and I will send it out to you on the morning of April 1st.*  
  • Option two, is to break out that wish list!  Make a purchase of $50 or more between April 1st, and April 30th in my Fun Stampers Journey store, and I will send you this tutorial collection for FREE, without you having to do anything else!*  
  • The third and final option is joining my team!  If you've thought about joining FSJ as a coach, one of the perks of being on my team, is that you get any tutorial I create for FREE!  
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Coach Collective | April 2018 Preorder

If you are making a purchase - of $50 or more - from my FSJ store (04/1/18 - 04/30/18), 
you will receive this collection as a bonus, please do not purchase through this button.  
The tutorial will be sent out to you, after I receive confirmation of your order. 
Order Bonus not available outside of April dates.  Thanks!

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*Please note: I send the tutorial out, via email, myself.  If for some reason, you have not received it within 12 hours (and you've checked to make sure it's not in your spam folder), please email me at muchlovesara (at)

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