Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday Mini Retiring List is Out

With the Christmas Season, comes many, MANY, lists and to-dos.  One of the overwhelmingly repeating themes that have been coming to me this year, is the need to simplify, edit, and remove those things that no longer suit me, and our family.  However, the eliminations that work for me don't suit everyone.  Some things that I am able to cut out as an "excess" for me, would be a "must have" for someone else! 

This happens within the craft world as well.  As time goes on, and seasons end, certain crafting items reach the end of their run.  These items get retired - meaning those who are anxious to keep using those items for future years to come need to get them while they can.  As our Journey Holidays Mini Catalog ends on December 31st, a handful of items will be retiring.  The items listed below will be available only while supplies last - so if you have been eyeing any of these supplies, you need to get your order in while you can!  

I've adored using the Christmas Cheer Prints that are retiring, and now is a good time to get your supplies ready to create your Christmas cards for next year!

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