Thursday, November 2, 2017


 We moved into this house in September 2014.  And in the, little over 3 years, that we've been in this neighborhood, we've earned the reputation of the "holiday house". 

The first weekend in October, my husband goes out and decorates the outside of the house up with fun and spooky decorations that the neighborhood kids love.   

Every year parents ask if they can take their Halloween photos with the blowups as the backdrop.  We've started adding a sign out front, to let them know that they can (as long as they are careful about the cords!). 

One mom, this year, told me that her son had remembered our house from last year, and LED her straight to us, because he didn't want to miss out! 

We live back in the neighborhood, so we only really get kids who live in the subdivision.  It winds up being just a few dozen total, but we have fun with it, and continue to do it year after year. 

I even dress up for the occasion, just to add to the fun.  The makeup takes about 40 minutes to put on, and about 10 to take off - and still have eyebrows left!  

In a few more weeks, we'll be putting up the Christmas decorations.  Tis the season of high electric bills, and cars driving by! 

Thanks for stopping!

Much love,                                                                             


  1. Looks like fun. I love driving past all the houses lit up and decorated for Christmas. Haven't come across it being done for Halloween - although Halloween isn't a big thing in NZ. Thanks for sharing the photos of your decorating as well as your costume.

  2. Sara you amaze me with all your talent! Miss seeing you in person but love following your blog!

  3. All us wives are jealous of your decor! Maybe I can sweet talk your hub into sweet talking my hubs into it! Lol


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