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5 Reasons Why I Became a Fun Stampers Journey Coach - and 1 Really Good Reason Why You Should Too!

One of the questions I heard quite a bit, when I decided to make the change over to Fun Stampers Journey, was WHY become a Fun Stampers Journey Coach?  Change can be scary to many people, and risk taking - well, that's even worse.  So, why take the leap into a new journey, when you are comfortable where you are at?  I did a bit of research before I joined, and I will always suggest you do the same, however, let me explain 5 reasons why I personally chose to join Fun Stampers Journey (and still love the Journey)!

1. The Products.

Before I made a decision about signing up as a coach, I had placed an order for some of the products.  I wanted to try the inks (fusion ink was something I had only barely played with prior to that - and never with the FSJ brand), the card stock, the stamps, and the dies.  It was important to me to know about the quality of the products, before investing in them, and especially before recommending them to my fellow crafters.  And, let's face it, the 20% discount coaches get, is appealing, but the discount won't matter if the products aren't up to par.  

My starter kit
What did I find?  Perhaps my favorite thing from that first order I placed, was the Whip Cream pigment ink.  I had randomly thrown that into my cart, but it is GORGEOUS!  I've used many different white inks, but this is the one that gave the most bang - and doesn't fade back into nothingness over time.  I have one of the first cards I stamped with this ink (5 months ago) and it still looks as though the sentiment was just stamped yesterday.  In addition to that gorgeous Whip Cream Ink, I also chose an Oatmeal Cookie Ink Pad, to try the True Color Fusion Inks.  This one was different.  I stamped it with a fairly solid image, and was initially disappointed - the color seemed patchy.  So I stamped it again, and again, thinking that maybe my stamp was not "primed" or I wasn't on the best surface.  Something amazing happened while I was stamping though.  As I stamped secondary images, the ink smoothed out on the first image, and became this gorgeous image.  This was something I wasn't used to from the inks I had previously used, and does take some time to get comfortable with, but these inks do produce beautiful results, when they have a moment to settle into the paper fibers.  And the fact that the True Fusion inks can be heat set to permanent on non porous surfaces, was a great bonus!    


The card stock was also great.  It is thick, and smooth, and not at all powdery (a real issue with some card stocks!).  All of the colors of card stock are available in both letter size (8.5" x 11") or scrapbook size (12" x 12").  The dies were also great quality, and the neon green color - which I thought might be a turn off - actually makes them really easy to spot if you drop one.  And one amazing thing with FSJ, is that more than half of the stamps in the catalog, have matching dies!  Less fussy cutting - woo-hoo!  If you've never used the stamps, besides just being adorable - there is one other GREAT thing about them - the image on the stamp comes PRINTED onto the foam.  It's not a sticker.  It's pre-printed when the stamps arrive, and clings to the clear block like crazy!  

One other note about the products, the sheer VARIETY of products in the Fun Stampers Journey catalog, is outstanding.  If you are a paper crafter of any sort - whether it is cards, scrapbooking, mixed media, or planners as your medium - there is something for you in their product line up. 

2. The People

Here's a biggie!  It's difficult to maintain motivation, or inspiration, without being surrounded by people who are providing that.  The Coach Community that I encountered, prior to joining FSJ, was so supportive, willing to answer questions, and to provide inspiration with products I was unfamiliar with.  Even when you were not their customer, or team member, the coaches were helpful.  In joining the company, I have found even more support within our company-wide Facebook coach group, as well as the individual team group.  We are a family of Coaches!

3. The Corporate Support

Oh, holy cow!  This was not something I realized was lacking in what I do.  From a monthly online meeting where they fully explain and answer questions about upcoming events, to a dedicated Coach Support team, to a CEO who cares enough to answer questions at oddball hours of the day and night during difficult times - the Corporate staff are amazing!    There is a small, but incredible group of people working at the Journey Station to make your journey as smooth and amazing as it can be.  They provide endless inspiration (through regular blog posts, youtube videos, and instagram), and innovation through new, and on-trend, products.  It's amazing, to be able to call in with a question, and "know" the person who answers - to the point of being able to ask them about their kid, or their recent vacation.  I had heard how great the corporate staff was, prior to joining, and it was a big draw.  But I had no idea just how great it would be.  Like I said above - we're a family!

4. The Cold Hard Cash

To the crux of things here, but one of the BEST things about being a Fun Stampers Journey Coach, is that they pay your commissions and bonuses in cash!  No points, no earning random office supplies, or junk  that will gather dust - CASH.  The stuff that pays the bills!  And, for those who want to do this as a hobby, and not as a business, the quarterly minimum is only $150.  That's $50 a month to simply maintain your Coach title.  How much do you spend each month on craft supplies, if you craft regularly?   'Nuff said!

5. The Opportunity

Fun Stampers Journey is a newer company.  Only 3 years old, this company is growing by leaps and bounds.  Being a Coach early on, gives me the opportunity to grow with the company.  It also means, that while the Coach Community is smaller, we have the ability to influence new items and policies.  Our voice is heard.  As I said in the Corporate Support section, we know the names of those at the Journey Station, and they know ours as well.  This allows much more opportunity to interact with (as more than a photo op!), and pick the brains of those in charge of the direction of this company. It also means that, from a business standpoint, there are not as many Coaches in the marketplace.  It gives coaches a chance to become established as THE Coach in their community, rather than be one of the many coaches.   

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These were all things that were important to me when I joined - and led me to make the decision to become a Fun Stampers Journey Coach.  Why should you join?

There are two AMAZING starter kits available to choose from.  With Product credits that you can use to purchase ANYTHING in the catalog, and that value well above the cost of joining - why wouldn't you join?  You also are able to start purchasing additional items with your coach discount as soon as you receive your coach number (usually only a few minutes).  Additionally, you get your Coach Discount on sale items as well!  

What reasons are you waiting for?  If you have further questions, they may be answered here, or feel free to email me with questions.  If you are ready to begin your Journey, sign up today!

Thanks for stopping by!

Much love,                                                                             

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  1. I love this! What a great post, and what great reasons to be a part of FSJ! I'm happy you're a part of our family! 💛


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