Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Worst Craftroom Tour EVER!

Once you've tried filming it a dozen + times, you have to come to realization, that you're just going to have the worst craftroom tour ever.  And somehow, that will be okay.  

We've almost been in this house two months now.  I'm not completely finished (are we ever?) with my craftroom, but close enough that I'm willing to share - plus it was actually clean, and who know when that might happen again!

If you have any questions, please ask!



  1. Must say your craft room looks like a dream compared to mine. Boxes, drawers, plastic drawers on wheels, all stacked in front of each other - the top of my desk was supposed to be work space but is covered except for about 4 square inches with papers, pens, markers, half-finished projects - even DH's binoculars and my star hat. All my file cabinets are full to overflowing.. and I don't dare take pictures or the Hoarders Anonymous will show up and take it all away and one can never get rid of any crafting materials....

  2. OH MY!! Sara your room looks like craft heaven .
    Love that you can walk right around your work bench ..
    My friends are warned before they enter my room that they do so at their own risk !! Then one can only walk in side ways . Craft chaos .
    I have been known to misplace dies or stamps for months at a time ..
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  3. I have a question----can I come and live in your craft room ??? lol

  4. I'm so sorry that I've not been by lately. I love your video and your craft room is AMAZING! I love how you've organized everything in such practical and cute containers! Just looking at your craft room makes me want to create something beautiful!

  5. Hello Sara, I just love your tour of the craft room. I loved it so much, that I told hubby that i wanted to get my "room" ready and cleaned up so I could feel like crafting again. I have a wall-mounted desk, however there wasn't much room there to use computer and do crafting. So, we just happened to have a 1930's restored desk not being used. Now, I use that for my computer station and the wall-desk for crafting. And I probably wouldn't have thought of doing so until I saw your video. Thanks for making it....special! ♥Mary♥
    I offer digis over at: abloginthyme.blogspot.com


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