Friday, April 25, 2014

A little project & the BIG project!

Hiya!  Just popping in really quick with a small treat bag project and a glimpse of the large project that has taken over everything the last couple of weeks.  (You know, between family, work, traveling for Easter and all of the OTHER stuff that takes a lot of time away from crafting ;)  )

At work, we got in a LOT of burlap stuff a few weeks ago.  Among the items were several sizes of burlap bags.  I thought they were so adorable and couldn't resist picking up a couple to play with.  I created this small gift sack (this one is full of chocolates) to go along with the larger item I've been working on.

I hand stitched on the lace and shabby flower, then stamped the little tag with kraft and black inks before tying it onto the bag with some brown twine.  It's a very simple, yet pretty, presentation.

As for the larger project:

The photo on the left is the quilt on my quilt frame before I'd tied it.  The photo on the right is the finished quilt.  This was my first patchwork quilt, and it wasn't perfect by any means.  However, I'm giving it to a friend who just graduated college, and I'm hoping it makes a great "throw-around" quilt for her (throw it into your car, take to the beach, have for a picnic or outdoor concert, etc.).

Anyway, the BIG project is finished and wrapped up (and will have been given by the time this posts), and I have my craft room back.  So, hopefully, I will have some new cards soon!   Thanks for sticking with me while my time was taken over with something else!

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous projects - the little bag and the quilt!

  2. They are lovely Sara. Great that you were able to recycle some of the burlap you received at work.


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