Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clear! It's Clear!

Matthew's six month post-treatment MRI is all clear!  He can now be scheduled to get his port out.

*Happy Dance!* 

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  1. Dear Family
    I found my way to Matthew's Facebook page and was so touched by his story. I will keep all of you in prayer. I was so happy with your good news from the Doctors. I know how important good news is with your children. My niece Cayelynn that my husband Riley and I adopted was born with a rare illness. It was called Mydrocondinalmyopathy. That's a guess at the spelling. It was a cross between Muscular Dystrophy and another muscle diease. She also had Spina Bifida. They said she would not live past 10 but God is so awesome. She lived until she was 29 and was my Special K. We still miss her so very much. Riley has gone to see her along with her son Justin. Yes she married and became a mother. Justin was born premature with Anaphly. He was so sweet and lived for 2 hours. But God knew Cayelynn's heart... to become mother was a joy to her, no matter how brief. Sadly her heart never recovered and she followed Justin 5 years later. The following is my poem for her.

    Special K
    A little girl with sparkling eyes
    a cheery smile that glows.
    A little girl that makes me cry
    because I love her so.
    A little girl who has a task
    of living life each day.
    Our little girl is handicapped
    we call her Special K.


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