Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Freebie: Raindrops

Today's freebie is the sentiment I used on my card posted earlier today.

Sorry you missed it!  
Freebies are only available for a week,. so get here quick!

Also, please tell me if this and other freebies are at all beneficial to you?  I've been having an internal debate for the last several months about whether to continue offering the freebies - as I've seen a dramatic decrease in comments and downloads, and I'm not sure that they (the freebies) are actually helpful anymore.  I've been wondering if it's about that point for the freebies to end, or go to a less regular schedule.  I would appreciate your thoughts.  


  1. Hi Sara - just to say your freebies are stunning and the one today is brilliant.....especially with the amount of rain we are getting in Somerset at the moment!!! lol I actually catch up with your freebies via a regular email from Free Digital Stamps. It would be great if you could put a "follow me by email" button on your side bar and then people would subscribe and always know each time you post. Most people these days lead such busy lives it's difficult blog hopping to see what's what. I subscribe to the blogs I really like safe in the knowledge I won't miss their posts. Phew, sorry if this is a bit long winded but thought you may be interested.

    Karen x

  2. Thank you! I really like this one, as sentiment digis are so helpful when making cards and doing scrapbook pages! :)

  3. Love the wordart, especially today, rainy.


  4. Hi, Sara.....It's late on Sunday night....we've had no internet since Friday night, so I'm just catching up, lol. You know how much I love your freebies.....I made my Mam's Mother's Day card using a couple of them (not posted on my blog yet) so I'd be really miffed to see 'em have to do what you think is right. Having said that, I think the first comment, above, was a good point. I was also recently asked to put an email button on my blog, and I've had some good feed-back. x

  5. Hi Sara,

    I have enjoyed your images over the past few years and always try to comment on them. I am sorry that others may not. I'm sure that people do appreciate your images even if they don't say anything.. The internet seems to be a faceless experience and unfortunately many may not realize how important it is to say thanks and that there are real people behind these sites. Thanks for sharing!


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