Monday, February 4, 2013

The World Through a Viewfinder

I know, I know, this is not a "papercraft" post.  Sorry about I mentioned in my Friday post, last week was just NOT week for getting much accomplished.  I promise an actual craft on Wednesday!!

Those of you who have followed me for a while know I tend to obsess over things.  Well, a couple weeks ago, my stepdaughter asked me to take her engagement photos - which is normal.  I like to take photos, and I work for cheap.  Hubby had bought me a new camera towards the end of last year and, while I had the basics down - and could take a pretty decent photo in manual - I hadn't really taken the time to REALLY learn the ins and outs.  However, while taking said engagement photos, I was informed that I was - by the way - also going to be the wedding photographer!


Crap.  Not that I'm the photographer, but that I now need to really learn how to use the camera before I wind up missing important photos, or having the light go all wonky on me in a "blink and you miss it forever" moment!

Needless to say, the last couple weeks have been filled with obsessive YouTube videos, tutorials and manuals. (And finding out that some of the BEST and easiest to understand direction has been from bloggers and forum boards, not the free online classes and manuals.)  I've also been working on some variations of photo editing to try out some different styles.  I'm definitely not where I hope to be by the time the wedding comes around, but I AM learning, and I can see major improvements in the photos I'm taking now, compared to a month or two ago with the same camera.

My first practice sessions were of my snowy (and later, melty) backyard:

Then I chased the fur babies around to see what kind of shots I could get:

Most recently, I drug my poor great nephew out for a few (only like 60 or so - he's four, so directing just doesn't quite happen!) photos.

All of these images have had some post processing done, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.  It's been fun  and I'm glad I'm getting to learn a bit more about the camera and editing - even if I was spurred into it!    

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  1. Oh, wow, Sara.....I'm far from being an expert, but these look kinda great to me. Holdin' hands up....I had a giggle at your black and white kitty.....that's one cute fella, hahaa!....but you really captured character in those pet portraits. Lovely relaxed pics of your sweet g-nephew, the light on his face. The first shots are evocative and atmospheric.....quite beautiful!


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