Monday, January 28, 2013

Art Journal Page: Unfinished

I'm REALLY good at starting projects that I've no time for, or am "experimenting" with, but either wind up with no desire or ability to complete.  So my house contains a myriad of unfinished projects tucked away in drawers and closets.  However, I do tend to learn something from each unfinished project that I would never have known had I not started.....

This is from my composition book turned art journal.  (Inspired by a recent speed painting video by Mark Crilley on YouTube).  I added some thickness to the paper with some book pages, and then prepped with gesso.  I used watercolors, acryllics, pastels, and colored pencils to create the scene.  I sprayed the pages with a sealant to keep the pencil from staying then glued on a piece of white cardstock to add the wording.  .

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  1. Love the texture on this, Sara, and the colours have such depth. Beautiful. x


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