Sunday, November 25, 2012

Disappearing act

I know I've disappeared...I'm sorry about that.  I'm having some computer issues at the moment (my power cord is FREAKING out and won't charge unless I stand on my head and chant at it) but I have a new cord ordered and should have more consistent computer usage by this next weekend!

Also, I did close my shop.  This has been coming for a while, and I had hoped to have at least one final sale of the stamps before closing, however, due to some issues, I had zero notice before closing.  I apologize for that.  I DO appreciate each and every one of you who supported me in that venture.   The stamps that were exclusive to the shop will remain that, and will not be given away at any time.  I will continue to offer weekly freebies.


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  1. I would pay good money to see you topsy-turvy and chantin'.....hahaaa.....hope you get that sorted soon. As for closing the shop, now that's a shame. Good luck with whatever comes know I'll always be in your corner!


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