Monday, October 8, 2012

Working on it!

I haven't been getting any cards done lately.  The munchkin (my great-nephew) came home sick a few weeks ago, and every person in this house has had it since then.  Last week I felt like crud.  Needless to say, card making was not on the agenda.

Though most of us were still not feeling great - everyone geared up, and we hacked and sniffled our way through the Halloween decorating this weekend.  I've also got another little mini-album that I've started.  I'm hoping to get to a bit of card making today!

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  1. Well, from lookin' at the photo, you need feedin' up, Sara...hahaaa!
    I wish we "did" Halloween as you do in the States....'twould be a heck of a lot of fun....but we're too strait-laced and British...hummpphh!


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