Friday, May 11, 2012

Help out Matthew's family & Friday Evening Freebie

For the background on what has been happening with Matthew (my grandson), ready the posts here, and here.

While Matthew is in treatment, and having medical bills piling up, his family is also going to be left without an income.  Everyone is finding different ways to help, and one of my ways, is by creating a "Guardian Angel" digistamp for Matthew.  This angel will be sold here on my site rather than in the store (all payments are still processed through Paypal and the delivery system is automated, so you should recieve the stamp as soon as your payment is processed).  Click on the image to be taken to the purchase page.
Every penny of the purchase price will be going 
to Matthew and his family.  

Guardian Angel - $3.00 US

As an additional bonus, for every "Guardian Angel" purchased in the next week, a coupon code for the FP3 Shop will be included that will give the user 40% off of their purchases between now and May 31st.  

I hope it is understandable that there are no other new products this week.  My mind has been a bit otherwise occupied.

For those who have been asking about sending cards, if you email me at sara(at), I can give you my address and I will happily send them along!  It would be easiest to send one package to Matthew so he can get everything at once.

And, again, thank you so much.  Your outpouring of love and support means so much!!


We HAVE to have a little kitty to go with the puppy that was the freebie a couple weeks ago!
Sorry you missed it!  


  1. Sara, this is a really beautiful angel....must have my very own.

  2. Love your kitty. He has that look of "Look out...I'm trouble." Thank you.

  3. That kitty is the cutest thing. and I love how you put those claws so visible. I am going to have fun with this digi. Yes sir re , that sweetie is going to alot of homes, Thank you bunches hugs Cathyk

  4. Thank you for the cute and playful kitty!

  5. I am so sorry to read about your grandson. For some reason it's always scarier when it's a child, my youngest had testicle cancer before his 13th birthday. Please know that I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Thank you for the cute kitty, he's adorable.

  6. My prayers are with you and your grandson. Hope he is getting well very soon.
    Thanks for the freebie.

  7. I can´t download the image, there is a problem in the server I think...

    1. Ardilla,

      I just tried it, and it was a little bit slow, but finally went through. It may have been a hiccup in the MediaFire website. If you have issues with it again, email me at sara(at)foldedpaperprintedpixels(dot)com and I'll manually send it to you.

  8. A sweetie - many thanks :)Healing blessings on their way xox

  9. Thanks ever so much for the cute kitty xx Lots of hugs and prayers for your grandson and all the family xxx

  10. Cute and playful kitty....thank you!!

  11. A darling kitty-reminds me of my own. Many prayers coming your way for your grandson. It is a very difficult time.

  12. Hallo Sara,
    vielen Dank für das süße Kätzchen.
    LG Tina


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