Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Week of Thanks: The Beginning

I know, it's NOWHERE near Thanksgiving - which is when the "Thanks" posts tend to come along, but there's two reasons for doing a "Week of Thanks" now, rather than waiting until fall.

#1- I realized that I was starting to get a little green at times.  I wasn't appreciating all that I actually had - And I know I do have a lot, but I was starting to let the green-eyed monster seep into my vision of the world, and I want that nipped in the bud!

#2 - My grandma had dropped a hint that she would like some Thank you cards that she could send out.  Well, Mother's Day is coming, and my grandma is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for, so.....

This week (Mon-Fri), I'm creating "Thank you" cards to give my Grandma, and, with each card I post, I'm going to be counting all the things I'm grateful for!  I would love to have you join in - for a day, or for all week - if you choose.  There will be no linky tool, just leave a link to your card and/or cards in the comments so that others can visit you as well.

The details on my coming cards - I'm mass producing....each card I show here will be the design I use on four or five cards.  All of the cards will be A2 size (the card front is the size of 1/4 of a sheet of paper), and they will be packaged with envelopes made for invitations.   My grandma won't want to have to use a special envelope or use additional postage, so the cards will be fairly straightforward, and non-chunky.

Anyway, enough of me rambling!  The first card will be tomorrow, I hope to have some of you join me!

Today I'm thankful for:

A hubby who works really hard to provide a home, and living,
 for us.  I'm not always vocal about expressing how much I appreciate how much he does for me - but I do!  


  1. Lovely thought, and wish I could join you....but I get too little time to craft as it is....but I'm thankful I get any....haaa!
    Can't wait to see what you get up to ;P

  2. Neat thing to do! I won't be making cards, but I am thankful for my family.

  3. My daughter really appreciates my cards, so I made her a set for Christmas last year and she was very excited. It is wonderful that your Grandma asked for some of yours...she must be a gem!


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