Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOYWW #145

I'm avoiding today.

Wait, that makes it sound like I don't enjoy what I'm supposed to be doing, but am not doing.

I'm....otherwise distracted from what I should be doing today.

That sounds better!

I'm SUPPOSED to be working on some new stamps from for this week's release, but the siren call of the mini album I started back in February was to much to resist.  So, instead of playing with pixels - today I'm playing with petals.  I'm making flowers so I can finish up this album.  

As I said last week, I only just set up this space, so I thought I'd give you the nickle tour today.

The dresser on the left (I refinished it a year ago) holds a lot of miscellaneous junk.  It still needs to be cleaned out - eventually it will hold my fabric...but for now it is full of ribbon and quilt frame parts, and random stuff.  My printer/scanner is on top - and then two boxes full of clear stamps and a box with my glitter, embossing powders, and spray catcher sit on top of that.

The hutch on the far right holds my Creatopia, my photo backdrop (made from foam board) and the box I store finished cards.  Inside the drawers and cupboard is mostly infrequently used kitchen stuff and cookie making items, however, one shelf in the cupboard holds my seldom used acrylic paints, my box of loose patterned papers, and the adhesive rollers for my Creatopia.

The  fancy Country Crock tub is my flower bin.  I put any extra flowers in there when I'm making them.

The shelves hold my paper packs and card stock...along with other miscellaneous stuff that I reach for a lot.  The wooden organizer holds extra adhesives as well as some tools.  The plastic organizer has my gems, and smaller embellishments.  I made the little "shelves" for my few Copics and Prismacolor markers (from the same piece of foam board that I made my photo backdrop from).  My sewing machine sits below the shelf with my homemade mists.  On the shelf set to the right are jars with my buttons, brads, fine tip markers and colored pencils.  The desk drawers on the left are mine (my hubby keeps the ones on the right as his "catch alls" for when he's going in and out of the house).   The top one has paper punches.  The middle one has my frequently used acrylic paints, more storage for foam pieces and  stir sticks and my bin for quilled roses. And finally the bottom drawer has bins with my ink pads, and rubber stamps.

Someday I'll do a quick video to go into more detail...this is what you get for a nickle. ;-)

To see how the stack of stuff from last week turned out, click here.



    1. Very cool to see your work space. The chest you refinished is beautiful!

    2. It all looks alarmingly calm! But I LIKE CALM xxx

      Thanks for dropping by today.

      HAPPY WOYWW xxx

    3. Love the refinished about that fancy Country Crock tub, we need to talk. You help me and I'll help you, cause we both don't decorate our stashes of containers...I wonder why that is? We should surround ourselves with beautiful storage! waving hi from the warm and sunny hills of North Carolina :)

    4. It's a lovely cosy place to craft and I love your old desk. You look quite organised there.
      JoZarty x
      Thanks for visiting me!

    5. OK, heres my nickel...x Thanks for the fascinating tour.The refinished chest looks so nice, bet you're really pleased. I love the shelf that's just big enough for home made mists..perfect, I wonder which came first?!!

    6. Nice crafting place!! Thanks for showing!

    7. lovely desk!!
      Quickly watching all those lovely desks!!
      Have a happy WOYWW Wednesday :)))
      Watch mine too, I've an awesome announcement on my BLOG(click)
      Hugs Marleen ;-)

    8. Love the chest you have altered Fabulous, Lovely to have a peek into your workroom, Have a good week, Hugs May x x x

    9. Love the chest it looks stunning
      Anne-marie no 23

    10. Got to agree - that refurbished chest looks gorgeous. Thanks for showing us your crafty space.x Jo

    11. Love the refurbished chest and such a neat working space, considering how much you have there.
      Thanks for your advice re the cutter, will try it, or throw the rotton thing away.
      Have a great week.
      Von #67

    12. What an interesting area you have shared with us today. I love it. Could spend ages looking around.
      Oops, must dash - in my tidying up I have thrown out the foam board - now I see a use for it.
      Hugs, Neet #19

    13. Am loving your desk and drawers! Take care, it's Thursday but I'm still snooping the WOYWW desks & loving every minute of it! Zo xx 33

    14. Thanks for the tour of your craft space - it looks really cosy. And I love your refinished chest, it's really pretty. Many thanks for popping in and leaving me a comment - I love that I have more storage now :) Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #11

    15. what a great mix of storage,x

    16. I love the look of your refinished chest of drawers and your desk is lovely piece too and very tidy!!


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