Tuesday, March 27, 2012

48 Hour Celebration

So, way back when, on March 27th, my grandpa found out that he had another little granddaughter.  The thing is, I was actually born on March 28th! This happened because my grandpa was in Idaho, and I was born in Guam so the International date line and time zone difference led to the strange dates.  And since then, I have tried to convince people this meant I could celebrate my birthday for two days rather than just one.

Well....it's my site and my shop, and this year - I'm getting a 48 hour birthday!!

It's a little backwards though, because I'm giving YOU the present, in the form of a:




For the next 48 hours, when you use the code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" on any order over $5 in the shop, you will get a 34% discount on your order!  Yep, 1/3  off of your order as my "birthday present" to YOU.

It only lasts until 11:59 PM (MST) on 3/28 though, so use it while you can!!

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