Monday, February 6, 2012

New(er) Stamps in the Shop

I realized the other day, that while I had announced my new shop - by way of my giveaway - I had not shown some of the new digis I created exclusively for the shop!  My plan is to have new digis ready for the shop each Friday to introduce along with that week's Friday Evening Freebie.

These are all stamps that are currently available in the shop that have NEVER been available anywhere else:


In order: Cartwheel, Down the Aisle, Hugs, 
Jump Rope, Love You, Shy Staci, and Up a Tree

I kind of mentioned this in the giveaway post, but I will be keeping the inventory fairly low for the first few months.  This means that the stamps will be rotating out as I add new ones.  I'm not sure what criteria I will be basing the rotation on just yet.  There's a lot I'm still figuring out with this, and I appreciate your patience as I figure it out!

I'm looking forward to some crafty time today, so I should have a new card for you tomorrow!!

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