Should I sign up to be a Coach?  

I'll be honest.  That depends upon you.  
Do you enjoy crafting, sharing that love with others, and using great quality products?  
Do you want to start a business, from home, that allows you to work around YOUR schedule?
Or, are you just a hobbiest, who wants to expand your crafting tools collection at a discount?

If you said yes to any of the above, you should consider becoming a Coach! 

Here's just SOME of the benefits:

- 20% off of all your orders -
- Earn CASH from your sales, and your team - not points, not credits - CASH! -
- Earn commission on items you sell to friends and family -
- Access to Coach Connection Facebook Group, a group of FSJ Coaches
around the US, who are there to help encourage and inspire you -
- Access to the INKing the Way Facebook Group: this is our larger team, 
led by the one and only Becky Roberts.  We work together to support
one another, and answer any questions you might have along your journey -

AND, our minimum quarterly sales are ONLY $150!  Just $50 a month in sales (including your own!) will keep you active, and allow you to continue to receive your coach's discount.

However, should you choose to leave, the starter kit is yours to keep.

* * * * * 

Why should I sign up with you as my upline?  

You are signing up for you.  I understand that.  If you want this to be a business, I will help to push you and help you meet your goals.  If you are signing up as a hobbiest, I will make sure you are kept in the loop without feeling pressure to host parties, or make yourself uncomfortable in an effort to get sales.  I want this to be the best experience for you, and I understand that will differ for everyone.

When you sign up to be part of my Love & Ink team,  you also will gain access to both, the Facebook group for the Fun Stampers Journey team that I am on, as well as the Facebook page for all Fun Stampers Journey coaches.  There are demonstrators from all over the US.  So there is generally someone around to answer a question, or give an opinion, if - for some reason - I am temporarily unavailable.

* * * * * 

What's the process for signing up?  

Start by going to this link.  There, click the "Sign Up" button, and fill out the information for the starter kit of your choice!

Yes, your CHOICE!  There are three different starter kits to choose from, at three different price points.  Each kit starts you out with cardstock, ink, and stamps, and becomes larger with each step up.  These are incredible deals to allow you to start your hobby or business (The Platinum machine retails at $249.95!). 

 Click the photos below for more details about what comes in each kit.

After signing up, you will begin receiving Welcome emails with your coach number, and a link to finish filling out your new coach profile.  Once you have your coach number, you will be able to start placing orders under your own name, with your coach discount.  It can seem overwhelming in that moment, but simply login to the account to verify and finalize everything, and then take your time to explore all of the information available to you.  

* * * * * 

Is it worth it?  


The kit alone is financially worth the cost of signing up.  However, the friendship and encouragement you will find from other coaches is outstanding, and well worth the emotional investment you will put in.

* * * * * 

Are you ready to join?  

Much love,